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I am sort of an expert in collecting vintage Moroccan rugs & Berber Carpets.
i have been hunting for these beautiful rugs since 2012, and have since worked with over 43 companies in wholesale. Since then, I  collect over 150 authentic Moroccan rugs every month.
With my hunting, I have helped over nine companies start up their businesses and each of them have said "you need to go to the source of the rugs"

The truth is, a lot of the hunting men work for men that work for the Bazar in nig cities like Marrakech, chefchaoune (the blue city), and the Medina in Fez. These companies then sell to local companies in the US, europe, and australia, which in turn, give their commissions to interior designers.

It has become a market within na market and the cycle continues, but they forget the women who make the rugs; rugs that take 3-12 months of their life to make by hand. They gain very little from those who buy from them and the buyers gain more than the actual creators. Who deserve the credit. 

I am a proud Berber man, and I love to go into these villages and actually sit and talk to these women, hear their stories, and what the meaning behind their craft is. Rugs are in my blood; this is my life, my culture, and my passion.  I love to visit on my own and give the women the value their creations deserve. To preserve my people and their craft. To make sure they are taken care of. You will see many sellers, but not many care about the story and life of my Berber people as I do.

The rug buddy holding an vintage boujaad
Rug Buddy
Rug Hunter
Rug Dude
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